August 10, 2006

I don't know if I've told you all or not, but Liam has been going to swimming lessons. Every Thursday evening, Dave and I take him down to the greenlake pool. It is a lot of fun. He has been going for six weeks now and we have seen him go from clingy and not too sure to kicking his feet and smiling and giggling. This past weekend we went to the lake cabin and he has been very afraid of any lakes in the past, but he got in! Then he proceeded to eat a rock (don't worry I fished it out) so swimming in the lake will have to wait until he doesn't want to stick EVERYTHING in his mouth.

OT - I was taking Liam into his room to put him in his crib so I could take the garbage out this morning and CJ was sitting in the door way. I went to step over her and she decided that was a great time to get up. Well, I almost tripped and fell, but instead slammed my toe against the door jam. It hurt so bad that I cried a bit. I put Liam in his crib and then sat on the floor and cried. CJ tried to lick me and Liam laughed at me. Both took the pain away pretty quickly.


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